Monday, May 01, 2006

Whistler Mountaineer Train

Enjoyed a wonderful lazy day today on the inaugural journey of the Whistler Mountaineer Train journey. From North Vancouver up to Whistler (obviously!) it took about 3 hours with breakfast served by some very nice attentive 'on board attendants'! We knew the train tracks followed along some spectular scenery as the road tends to follow the same route but it's even better when you're not driving yourself. First we passed through West Vancouver (now that's where we want to live - when we win the lottery!), then up along the Howe sound - the most southerly fjord in North America and since it's a Fjord the it's very dramatic scenery. We passed through Squamish - (checking out the previous days climbing spot!) and then through the Checkamus Canyon and on up to Whistler - snowy peaks wherever you looked. In Whistler we had time to stroll round the village and have a bite to eat before making the same journey in reverse. It was a great way to sit back and nurse our aching bodies with minimum effort required by us. Quite special as it was the inaugural journey for the company - everyone got special edition pins and some dodgey media attention which we tried to avoid!

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