Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Awesome bike ride-out

Have been staying in the most stunning campsite - Porteau Cove Prov' park on the sea to sky highway - halfway up to Whistler from Vancouver. It's one of the few access points into Howe Sound and has a fishing pier, excellent scuba diving (apparently - couple of ships and a manmade tire reef) and campsites that sit right on the edge of the rocky beach. We've had campfires each night and we get the sunset right before it disappears behind the distant Coast mountains - it's been such lovely weather too - 70's during the day and we feel the heat of the sun right until it disppears.

After our train ride we did a quick night in Vancouver and then blew $$$ on lots of lovely new climbing gear from the big outdoor co-op shop in Canada (MEC - great place!). Talk about taking the plunge - but then you can't climb unless you have the gear so I darn will enjoy this new sport! We came up to Porteau Cove last night.

Today (Wed) went on an awesome bike ride - lovely weather for it. 270 miles and my backside is utterly numb (give me a Ducati pillion ride anyday over the Buell!) From the campsite up the sea-to-sky highway passing through Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton and eventually Lillolet. A small town in the middle of nowhere - but had a great rest and lunch in a German(?) bakery in town. The scenery en route was incredible - pastureland, mountain passes, frozen lakes, snow-capped peaks, rugged ravines and valleys, brilliant blue glacial lakes and waterfalls - it had it all! Great twisty roads for burning off the chicken strips on the rear tires but we never went fast the scenery was too distracting.

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