Sunday, May 28, 2006


Have spent the last 4 days in Glacier National Park in Montana. Weather has been pretty grim for most of it so we haven't got out and about as much as we'd hoped. Had one great afternoon when we rode out on the bike, then hiked out to a lake surrounded by snow capped mountains and several hanging waterfalls. The park as a whole is still largely closed. The 'Going to the Sun' road which travels 50 miles across the park east to west and crosses the continental divide at 6600ft is still closed because of snow and even when it's open it's not suitable for RV's (Although we could have used the bike!). Instead we drove the long way round to the east side of the park. Landscapes in the east and west sides of the park are dramtically different - completely different ecosytems and scenery so it was good to see both (what we could see anyway between the blanket of mist, rain and low-lying cloud!). On our way round we saw our first Grizzly Bear! Very exciting stuff and since we were in the RV felt completely safe. He was walking alongside the road so after we stopped we had a good look (before some twits in a car pulled up and got out to get closer to him - are they stupid or what?!) Just brilliant! This evening we've just pulled into Whitefish - a small town on the edge of the Rockies, looking for something to eat...

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