Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hiking the Chief

The Stawamus Chief is a rather large granite monolith towering over the town of Squamish - it's about 2000 feet high and that's a vertical height from it's surrounding area which is at sea level so you can imagine it's quite impressive. Outrageously popular with rock climbers we're not quite up for the challenge just yet so stuck with the 'easy' option of hiking up the back of it. Hah! The trail is only 2.5km but the elevation gain is lots! The trail isn't so much a trail - more just a boulder field with a few tree roots thrown in for good measure to trip you up and make things just a little more awkward and tricky-going. The views were outstanding and worth the trip. We lounged quite a while in the sun eating our lunch and getting harrassed by a pair of chipmunks desperate to nibble on our nuts! The trip down was even worse and even my knees were wibbling with the strain. To celebrate our 'achivement' we felt it neccessary to pop into the Howe Sound Brewpub (Again - that's about the 4th time in the last week - we're nearly regulars!) and admire the view of the Chief from the base - awesome!

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