Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Okanagan

It's hot, hot, hot here. Didn't really realise till we got to the area that it's so much warmer than Vancouver area. All week the temperatures have been in the 30's which is nice. Gorgeous weather and we've been out and about lots on the bike. Mostly visiting wineries - lots of them! And of course they all give tasters! Several have patio bistro/restaurants and we have tended to get suckered in to eating lunch while we're out which is great - wonderful food and of course the perfect wine to accompany it! And views to die for - overlooking the vineyards and the lake.

It's not all drinking (well, ok it pretty much is) Did do a long day's climbing at the Skaha Bluffs which were great - not too busy and again more great views of the lake. I have now pulled something in my shoulder so it did stop us going out for a second time. Yesterday we drove down south to near the border to a place called Osoyoos - it's desert country - in fact the most northerly part of the Sonora Desert and it's even hotter. I was out running this morning at 7.30 and was struggling - and I'm not getting up any earlier than that to avoid the heat - ooh good - any excuse to stop the exercise regime!!

We have had fun and games with a few on board stowaways - mice! Eaten us out of house and home (5 bags of nuts completely emptied out) We set a trap and heard the rustle but the bugger got away the first time, Chris got up to reset it and we sat in bed and waited - cheeky bugger just walked on by right in front of us! Still later that night we did awake to the sound of a snapping sound and - bam - one down...we're pretty sure there's at least another - either that Chris has taken to eating tortilla chips by delicately chewing through the packaging in the dead of night! Need to buy some more traps today...

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