Friday, May 05, 2006


What a week this has been! We're just lovin' it (as McDonalds would say) The weather has been incredible all week and we've been so busy and done so much and have been surrounded by such outstanding scenery. Rather sad to be moving on. After a long winter in BC it seems such a shame to moving on just as it all gets good, but then there's so much more for us to see and do and we're looking forward to all that aswell.

We left Porteau Cove campground this morning and drove up the road to Murrin Lake Prov' park - site of some more top class Squamish rock climbing. The wall we climbed is right next to the park - check out Harvey in the background as Chris rappels down at the start of our day! Spent most of the day there which was great. Helped boost my confidence - the first time without an instructor at hand and actually I successfully climbed a higher graded pitch than before so I was rather pleased with myself.

Finished off the day at the cinema - new film out with Robin Williams called 'RV'. Bout him and his family taking an RV roadtrip - lots of disasters and mishaps. Very amusing but then we've become such spotters I can't neccessaily recommend it to all you 'normal people'!!

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