Thursday, March 03, 2016

HandContheRoad on Instagram

It's been 11 years since we started our road trip. This was back in the days before social media - Oh my, the stories we could have shared, the moments, the photos.....sigh, what a different world it was just 11 short years ago?! Heck we didn't even have a cell phone at the start of our road trip. And getting online meant spending a night in a Flying J truck stop and buying a 24 hour access card for the Wifi - staying up all night to the drone of engines and generators running and gorging ourselves on the wonderful world of the web!

These days I am a self confessed lover of Instagram, and so at the start of 2016 I created a new Instagram account @handcontheroad. I'll be using it as a new way to document our road trip journey and adventures. Why? Because it's a great way for us to relive the journey. It was a such a huge part of our lives (5 years by the time we were done!), and has shaped us into who we are today (Canadians amongst other things - who'd have thought that at the start of the trip?!)

I'll be sharing 'real time', just 11 years ago today....Come and say hello!