Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's all about the butt shots - climbing that is!!

I am absolutely KNACKERED!! Have just spent the weekend on a rock climbing course. It was great but exhausting and my whole body is aching and knees, albows, ankles and shins are black and blue (and bloody red in places!) from all the bruises. Chris did todays part only (due to his prior climbing experience) so isn't quite as battered. We met some great people and have lots of photos - climbing photos quickly turn out to be 'all about the butt shots'! so I'm sure my scrapbook will be full of other peoples backsides! We climbed in the Checkamus Canyon and the Smoke Bluffs in Squamish (about 1.25 hours north of Vancouver). It was awesome and hopefully something that we will be pursuing in the future and a 'new' sport for us!! (so much so we're planning our visit to the Mountain Equipment Coop store in Vancouver in a couple of days time!!) For now we're back in the RV collapsed in a small heap on the sofa! Back to Vancouver tonight for our train trip tomorrow!

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