Friday, August 18, 2006

Riding the Million $$ Highway

Yesterday we rode out on the bike along the 'Million Dollar Highway'. From Montrose, through Ridgeway and onto Ouray. The area is often dubbed 'Switzerland of America' - very rugged mountains surrounding a quaint little town full of Victorian buildings. Only the main street is paved - the rest just dirt roads leading off to the edge of the mountains - all very nice. Just after Ouray the road started getting really funky - very twisty and just hanging off the edges of the mountains - I'm glad we weren't in Harvey! We were stopping every 5 mintues to take photos and admire the view. It's called the Million $ Highway coz of the ore they used to build the road - this is a huge old mining area - we also passed lots of old mine works and ghost towns along the route. Silverton is another quaint old town and the terminus for the Silverton & Durango Steam Train - we saw the train in station - which wasn't so much a station as a track dead-ended bang slap in the middle of the road in downtown! More interesting shops, cafes, etc. It was pouring with rain so we just hung out in one of the cafes for a while. Coz of the weather we turned back at this point and back to Ridgeway - and the Orvis Hot Springs - lovely!! Spent the rest of the afternoon soaking in the main pool - around 100 degrees. Popped into the local town for dinner, then back to the Hot Springs for the rest of the evening. Watched a specacular sunset and gazed at the stars until 10pm when we got kicked out and had to zoom the 16 miles back to the campground in the cold/dark!

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