Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Leadville - a town at 10,200ft

Leadville is a groovy old mining town - ugly from the outside driving in, but a really nice, old town main street. It's at the grand old height of 10,200ft!! Pretty fresh up here! Will be basing ourselves here for a couple of nights - plans to hike another 14'er - the highest in Colorado!! (are we nuts?!?!!? - or just sad addicts?!)

Talking of 14'ers - did the easy approach yesterday. Mt Evans is just 9 feet higher than Longs Peak and you can drive all the way there!! It's a designated scenic byway and it definately is scenic. Could clearly see Denver way off yonder. The road takes you all but the last 130 ft to the summit - they expected me to walk the rest of the way!! (and this was the day after Longs Peak!) All pretty darn cool!!

This morning we took a drive by Breckenridge. Nice, nice ski resort. Very hip and trendy, lots of bars and cafes. Had a great 'Rasta Pasta' lunch (interesting Rasta inspired pasta dishes - pineapple chicken curry pasta - yum!)

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