Saturday, August 05, 2006

By-bye Pat

Wednesday we dropped Pat off at the airport quite early and made our way to the REI store in central Denver (REI is an HUGE outdoor co-op store that we're members of - lots of really cool stuff and the sort of place we try not to spend a fortune every time we walk through the door!). They were hosting a free seminar about hiking the Grand Canyon (which is something we want to do in the next couple of months). Very interesting, funny and well presented talk by the director of the field institure based at the park - it was a great evening. Rode back through the city at night - actually looked a far more appealing place than it had when we strolled around during the day!

Spent the last couple of days in Denver. Had some strange sounds coming from the underside of the RV which Chris got down and dirty to find and then fix.

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