Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Rafting the Arkansas River

What can I say - awesome! Spent Saturday afternoon getting wet on class III & IV rapids - with names like 'widow-maker' - nice! Such great fun. This was a first for me and Chris had been on the man-made whitewater in Nottingham so not quite the same thing! It was a Saturday so it was a manic day on the river - dozens of rafts on the water - a few hold-ups as others wrapped their rafts but we didn't know any better - we were having fun! The Arkansas river is supposed to be one of busiest stretches of whitewater in North America!

This is my scrapbook page of the event. No photos of our own - just the 'professional' one taken of us when we were in the most 'hardcore' of sections!

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Steve and Tess said...

Hi Guys,
Wow, looks like you are having a blast this summer. Did you know that the Arkansas river has 2 pronounciations? In Kansas, it is called the Ar-kansas River, most everywhere else it is pronounced the Ar-kinsaw River.