Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Colo Nat Monument & Arches Nat Park

Our '1/2 Way point'!! In the sense that we have now visited 25 states and today crossed the state line into our 26th!! We've done 28,000 miles in the RV and 7,000 on the bike to cover all these states! This may or may not be the 1/2 way point in terms of time!

What an amazing day! Full of lots of spectacular scenery. Woke up early at our campsite in Colorado National Monument (not a 'statue' or anything, but an amazing red rock plateau over 2000 ft higher than the Grand Valley in western Colorado, near the Utah state line). There was a 23 mile 'rim rock road' to drive - very precarious edges and drops overlooking the valley below and bizarre rock formations resulting from the erosion of the various levels of rocks. Rode out at first light when the temps were great and the roads empty.

Drove on into Utah! The scenic route to Moab. Along the mighty Colorado river past more incredible scenery. I think this is something of things to come in Utah! All Red, all huge, all awe-inspiring. Found a great campground on the edge of town with a great pool where we flaked out for the afternoon.

This evening we rode Donkey into Arches National Park. Mmmm - there's lots of Arches, Balanced rocks and views to gaze at - not enough adjectives to describe it all without being repetitive! Needless to say it's kinda neat! Watched a blazing sunset before heading back to our nicely air-conned RV!

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