Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Moab Brewery, Canyonlands & stuff

A few days have passed since our last update. Got back from a great couple of days away in Mesa Verde - what a place! Back in Moab - which is beginning to feel like a home away from home we've been here so long! (for us anyway!) The Slickrock Campground in Moab is super-friendly with a great little pool and hot tubs so we've just loved our time here - and decided that the best campgrounds we've had so far in 20 months are definately down to personality - and this one gets it (the owner base-jumps and talks about buying a Ducati after-all! - clearly Chris made a friend!)

Spent another day out of our little 'home' and ventured 30 miles to Dead Horse Point State Park and Canyonlands National Park the night before last - great state park campground - excellent sites with a fab picnic shelter with electric and even a cupboard!! (mmm - I can see that you might find it a little strange that I can get so excited by a cupboard! - you had to be there!) Anyway this is where they filmed the finale shots in Thelma and Louise where they cruised the car off the cliff. I guess if you're into that sort of thing it would be a fairly impressive way/place to go! Had a great BBQ which we became so engrossed in we missed the sunset - made up for it and watched a sunrise the following morning - only 2 others about that time of the morning - where is everyone?!!?! - Such a beautiful place in summer and there's no-one around?! (the schools are back here on the whole so already we've noticed things getting slightly quieter - good on the whole for us!). Did spend the night out in Dead Horse Point - just camped out at the back on the RV in sleeping bags under the stars - which blew me away - what a sky?!!?!? I didn't want to close my eyes to such a view. Really not much light pollution about in this corner of Utah - nearest town was 30 miles away and that's only small.

Next day spent in Canyonlands National Park. Whizzed round all the main viewpoints and did a couple of short walks out to arches or viewpoints. Nice views of Upheaval Dome - 2 theories on how it got there - either a meteor crash or a salt uplift of the deposits of salt from when this area was covered by oceans - about a gazzilion years ago (I think they are a little more precise with the dates which I don't recall myself right now - but it was a really, really long time ago) Also a FAB arch called Mesa Arch - like a short hike to this arch and this sheer drop off with no warning at all - it was still early and the whole underside was all glowing in the early sunlight - cooooool!

Anway. Back to the present. Back in Moab. Hanging around really waiting for some new tires for the motorbike to be UPS'ed to us here. Have 'discovered' the local Brewery which in itself is a good enough reason not to move on. Spent this evening there for their 'end of summer' celebrations - won a $25 gift certificate (which went some way to paying for our evening out!) in the raffle and enjoyed $1.75 pints - god I hate happy hour prices!!!! Imaginatively named the 'Moab Brewery' I can highly recommend - and their beer and cheese soup is to die for!! (get the extra chilli sauce poured on top to give it that extra kick - mmmmm!!)

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