Saturday, February 03, 2007

Todos Santos

Got back from a couple of nights in Todos Santos on the west shore of the cape. Rode over on the motorbike, along with our neighbours Ken & Claudette who were on their Harley. Camped out in the town campsite and just drank...and drank! It's a real artsy town, and had 'the orignial Hotel California' (whatever the hell that means - nothing to do with the Eagles song, although they do play the album pretty much contiunusously!) A couple of a bars have mastered the art of the margarita - which Chris found out to his peril - one too many!! - the quantity of alcohol in each glass was pretty staggering - worth the $7 a piece asking price!

Watched the sunset (having spent the last month on the east cape) and saw the whales quite clearly from the beach. In the early evening they seemed pretty frisky and we saw quite a few acrobatics (be it often only the sight of the tail disappearing by the time you focus in with the binoculars!) The following morning we walked down to the beach again and saw a lumbering grey whale just 50 yards or so from the shore - SO CLOSE - it seemed to be body-surfing in the waves close to shore. SO COOL!

Now we are maxed out with packing, admin etc ready for the bike trip to the mainland. RV goes into storage on Monday. Then we'll be taking the ferry to Topolobompo....

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