Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chris the champion!!

What a fun, fun day we had today. 16 of us from the campsite played a Rummy-kub tournament this afternoon around the poolside. (OK - so wait - I can see how 3 hours of board games possibly doesn't sound that 'out there and happenning for such hip and trendy travellers such as ourselves....but trust me...ok, maybe you just had to be there!) 3 hours of 'intense!!' playing later and Chris came out the champion winning $80!! (so now - you see it was a good afternoon for US!!) So we let him take us all out for beers at the local taco stand. Great fun, great company and finished off the evening with great tacos and ice-cream! and then a ride home for me on the back of an ATV driven by a deaf old 80-year old - you gotta love it!!

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