Friday, January 19, 2007

Sierra La Laguna

Just a lazy old week in Los Barriles for us!

Had a bit of a setback last weekend. Chris went out for a ride on the bike and the drive belt snapped. Thankfully he was only 1.5 km from home, and some guy helped tow him back to the campsite. However it all screwed up our plans to move on a bit. Although there's a Harley shop in Cabo 50 miles away they reckoned on not being able to get a belt for a month!! (have they not heard of Fedex?!) Anyway. A neighbour here at the campsite has a friend from Colorado flying down this weekend and he has been able to pick up a belt there and is bringing it with him. It's all worked out OK we hope and staying an extra week hasn't really been all that tough! On the up side this is the first bad weather we've seen since getting to Mexico so it's not like we'd have been using the bike much!

Yesterday we had a let-up in the weather just long enough to have a great day out! We hopped in the truck with our neightbours Collette and Ken from BC and drove out to Sierra La Laguna (the nearby mountains). We took a short hike out to a beautiful little waterfall on some national protected lands - it was small, maybe only 25ft high but it flowed into a crystal clear pool surrounded by smoothed rocks - took some rock scrambling to get down to the water but worth it! Had a great lunch in the local village - Santiago, before headed back into the mountains and down the most unlikely track to find some natural hot springs. Absolute bliss, the water temp was perfect and we whiled away an hour or so soaking and drinking beer in the late afternoon, finally getting back to the campsite at dusk - Such a great day out!

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