Monday, January 08, 2007

Los Barriles

Well this is the windsurf capital of BCS apparently and right now it's high season (just to give you a little idea of the wind here!) This was our first cloudy day too - but that's about all we can complain about - so complaints!!

So we're staying in a great RV resort - and it is somewhere you'd actually call a 'resort'. Walking distance from the town, wifi, pool & hot tub - luxury!

Spent the last couple of days in a place called Cabo Pulmo. One of only 3 coastal reefs in North America and accessible to snorkel from the shore....however it was too windy, too churned up - I'm sure we're not destined to snorkel on this continent (same thing happenned in the Florida Keys in January 2005). To get to the village it was 6 miles along a dusty wash-boarded track - it took us 1 hour and 2 minutes to drive along it!! and even then everything rattles like crazy - perhaps we should've bought the plastic tableware after all!!

About 1/4 mile north of our Cabo Pulmo campsite was the Tropic of Cancer - so we are IN the tropics - sounds far more exotic than it is!! This is us ON the line (we used the GPS to find a precise location, then fumbled around on the rocks finding a suitable place for the camera!)

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