Monday, February 19, 2007

Acapulco & La Quebrada

Acapulco didnn't really excite us - it was a hot, busy, crowded, noisy city. However the Cliff Divers were INCREDIBLE. We watched a late evening performance - 10.30pm so the whole area was floodlit. They dive from about 100ft into a narrow rocky tidal channel. There were 5 divers, and they all scramble up the rocks first a part of the 'performance. There was no great fanfare, music or commentary which I'd expected - just them doing their thing. First off 2 guys dived in sync with each other - perfect timing. Then went a couple of solo divers - one of them completing a somersault mid-air. The finale was another solo diver, but he turned off all the floodlights so the area was in darkness, then lit a fire at the top of the cliff, lit 2 burning torches from the fire and after the build-up he dived off holding a torch in each hand down into the swirling dark sea below - amazing stuff! They all really are something else!

Stopped in Pinotepa Nacional - there's a great local market that our book had mentioned. Lots of indiginous people dressed traditional come into town for the big market days on Weds and Sunday (this was a Sunday). Lots of weird and wonderful things to look at and .

Got a puncture yesterday en route to Pinotepa. Noticed a great big nail in the tyre during the ride yesterday. We inflated it and carried on going but when we stopped for the day the tyre went down again. However lucky for us there just happened to be a petrol station right opposite and a tyre repair place right next to that - so $2 later and 2 punctures have been repaired (on closer inspection Chris also found another small piece of metal stuck in). And still managed to be on the road by 10am...

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