Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ixtapa Island snorkelling

So we are just glutton for punishment - we actually decided to stay in 'Casa Wretched' for a second night. Today we wanted to take a boat over to Ixtapa Island for the day. The guidebook had rated it as a great place to spend the day and they weren't wrong. It's just a mile long, just off the coast. We finally got to do some EXCELLENT snorkelling - saw some really cool tropical fish - thousands of them - about now I guess it would be cool to have a 'fish spotters guide' so I could reel off some names, but alas I don't - they were just really cool and colourful! And we saw lots of spiky things hidden in amongst the coral reef, an eel and a stick fish (you know the one - a fish that looks like a stick!!).

Last night we had a suberb Valentine's meal on the seafront. And stayed out as late as possible to minimise the time spent in the room.

Tomorrow we are 'going loco down in Acapulco'. Hasta Luego...

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