Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yellowstone at last!

At last - we're in Yellowstone. Somewhere that has always been on our intinery but so long in finally getting here! Arrived in the park yesterday morning and within minutes were stuck in a bison-jam! So cool these huge lumbering creatures just wandering down the road (with babies!) seemingly oblivious they were causing so much excitement from the passers-by.

The whole park basically has a big 140 mile loop road which takes in pretty much all the 'sights'. We started driving round this - seeing more Bison, lots of thermal features, waterfalls, deer, elk, bald eagle (usual stuff then!!!!) Got to Old Faithful and watched a quick 'performance' just as it started pouring with rain - made a dash to our campsite for the night via one of the visitor centres which had displays and films about the great Yellowstone fires they had in 1988 (just over a third of the park burned and driving along there is still so much burn damage visible)

Today has been a pretty grim day in terms of weather so it's been difficult getting out doing the things we want to do. We walked into the 'village' by the campsite and this afternoon went out on the bike getting soaked through to do a ranger-led walk around a nearby thermal area - lots of mud pots, fumaroles (steam vents) and hot springs. So interesting - the rangers are just so enthusiastic and knowledgeable we've always enjoyed ranger activities at the National parks.

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