Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jackson, WY

Have spent the last 3 nights in Jackson - just on the south end of the Teton Nat Park. Wyoming is Cowboy country and there's plenty of evidence of that here in Jackson. Each night in the town sqaure there's a 'shoot-out' reenactment which is fun and there's lots of cowboy bars. Visited the Million Dollar Cowboy bar a couple nights ago with some great country music and lots of really serious couples dancing away. Just before we left we finally had enough drinks in us to get on the dancefloor ourselves - we were obviously really good and everyone else was rubbish coz everyone kept apologising for banging into us!!! Last night we went to a Comedy Improv show which was also great fun and fairly mild entertainment after the heavy night the day before! Today we've just spent the day rock climbing and are on our way back into the park for a few more nights.

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