Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lone Star Geyser

I'd actually heard about this particular geyser in a scrapbook mag! It wasn't that publicised in the park - probably because it was in the 'backcountry' - ie there was no road and they didn't predict its activity. It goes off every 3 hours or so and it's actually only 2.5 miles down an old service road so it's a pretty decent trail and one of the few that we could mountain bike on. We'd heard through the grapevine that it had erupted at 4pm so we took a picnic and our books and settled in expecting it to blow about 7 - bang on!! (well it was a minute late!) It lasted a good 10-15 minutes and then settled into it's steam phase for another 10 minutes and was gorgeous - the evening light caught it just right from where we were sat and we saw a rainbow in the water spout. And like I said about a lack of people away from the roads - there was just 2 other people there for the show! It might not spout as high but this was way more spectacular than Old Faithful - more so because of the lack of crowds, boardwalks and over-commercialisation we just loved it!

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