Sunday, June 04, 2006

Busy, busy, busy

Yesterday we visited the Smokejumpers visitor centre and museum. Cool. Although these guys are brave nutters. When someone spots a bush fire they parachute in and dig trenches. Work is punishing - digging for 14 hours a day breathing smoke and all. And talk about DZ's - it's just wherever! Most commonly trees so they have standard equipment that let's them rappel down to the ground after each jump. Ouch! Next up we went did another museum - of mountain flying. Lots of local stuff, and more on the smokejumpers. All interesting stuff. We did a quick round of retail therapy at the local shopping mall and wound up in the cinema early evening. Watched Poseiden. Pretty good, the old one was such a classic and this was a respectable remake I guess - certianly an easy going way to spent 1 hr 45 mins!

Today we went out for breakfast in a groovy cafe downtown called 'The Raven'. Missoula is a University town and this cafe was obviously quite a popular student hangout - grungy but great food. We had planned to get out about but there was a stonking rainstorm so the shops called instead! We actually wound up back at the cinema again. We'd had to toss a coin over yesterday's choice of movie so this time it was an easy choice - watched The Da Vinci Code. This was great - we'd both really enjoyed the book and both reckoned it was an honorable screen version (so often the movie are rubbish compared to the books but definately not the case here). Parked up at the local Walmart. Signs quite clearly state (to us anyway?!) that a city ordinance prevents RV's from parking overnight for camping purposes. Mmm - OK. Right now there are about 20 RV's and campers parked up. Most with their levelling jacks down, slide is out, curtains are drawn!!! What is with this?! So we join them. We did earlier in the week too - didn't get bothered then so we settle down for what we know will be an uninterrupted night!

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