Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wasatch Mountains & Salt Lake City

The whole Wastach Mountains and National Forest has become our new 'fav'. Love this area, so much beautiful scenery and more hiking than you could shake a stick at. It's so green too, with the last straggling remains of the winter snow on the peaks. We ventured into Salt Lake City for the afternoon. Didn't stop too long - we really aren't city people. But timed it right for the daily organ recital at the Tabernacle in Temple Square which was incredible.

SLC is the Morman 'mecca' and temple square seems to be the symbolic heart of it all. We took a guided tour of some of the square buildings with a couple of women working as missionairies at the Temple who explained the history and basic teachings of the church. Interesting....I'll leave it at that shall I?!

One of the very good reasons for me not being a Morman is the Utah Beer. Not in any way a dry state (contrary to popular belief) It just has a few restrictions and unique laws surrounding it's sale and distribution. It generally is a little weaker than other brewpub beers (max 4% volume) but still as fabulously tasty - I am rather partial to the Wasatch Raspberry Wheat ale!! and as always brewpubs came up trumps with a good lunch too - I ordered TUNA!! (I am SO not a fish person!) but I had the most amazing Ahi Spring Roll Salad (check that - not only was it fish it was a salad!) that was at the Squatters Brewpub in SLC (we get around when it comes to beer!)

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