Sunday, July 06, 2008

Scuba diving in a Hot Spring!

Who'd have thought the slightly obscure 'Altitude Diving' certification would come in handy again?! We originally did our altitide scuba course in Lake Atitland in Guatemala 15 months ago at 5500ft. Here in Park City at 5000ft there's a hot spring crater thingamy that you can dive in. How could we resist. Besides after a 15 mohth gap since our last dive (in said Lake Atitlan) it was about time we reminded ourselves what it was all about. (Added to which I'm fairly sure that my Scuba Instructor Brother hasn't done a Hot Spring dive!!)

So the Homestead Crater is some sort of Calcite deposit thing. On the inside it's about 40ft in diameter and is 65ft deep. The water in it is a balmy 95 degrees (this is SO my kind of temperature!) and constantly circulates at a rate of 100 gallons a minute - circulating completely over the course of 3 days. There is an natural light opening but at 50ft it gets pretty dingy. To be fair there wasn't a lot to see or do but a good chance for us to practice drills. A sweet little dive to add to the logbook!

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Anna said...

y'all are very adventurous! Looks like fun!