Wednesday, February 01, 2006

When it rains it POURS!!

Well that goes for the weather but also for RV repairs. Brought Harvey into town yesterday for a simple $90 transmission service. They found problems and we agreed to pay $465 to have the gear box out and investigate. This morning, following the discovery of LOTS of problems the bill is now up to $4300 to have the whole gear box re-conditioned and parts replaced. Ho-hum...So we spent a delightful night parked in their fore-court in town being kept awake by a howling wind storm and traffic passing by!

We had also planned to go to Vernon today for their Winter carnival and some skiing. Sadly that had to be cancelled - I think the plan is to go back into the city tomorrow and have a day up on Grouse Mountain instead.

And if you ever find yourself in Chilliwack, BC then DON'T go to a restaurant called 'Dakota's' We went last night - lousy! And I had 2 steak madallions that I asked to be bagged to bring home - we got back and found that the pikey waitress had NICKED one of them!! (Good job we were typical tight Brits and had left a rubbish tip!)

So, currently we're still waiting for the RV repairs to be finished....

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