Sunday, February 19, 2006

Return to Cyprus

We love being back in Cyprus. Got here late yesterday afternoon. We haven't got any electric in the flat at the moment (it was cut off by the last tenant) but really sitting around by candelight is quite romantic! (except we can't have a shower either with no hot water). Anyway it's all small things and we won't be spending much time there anyhow. Went straight out to our favourite Meze restaurant 'The Meze Taverna' on St Andrews street - it really is as awesome as we remembered and the owener has added a few more new dishes to the exisiting 25 or so that are served up! - all absolutely delicious! He posted a closing time of 11pm but we didn't walk out of there till 12.45am! and by that time it was more of a stagger than a walk back to the flat!
Even Starbucks has made it to Cyprus during our absence - handy coz it means we can get on line and there's a cafe just around the corner from the flat.
The weather is great too - sunny out and quite warm (definately no coats needed yet)

It feels like home....and it's GREAT to be back!

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