Friday, February 03, 2006

Awesome Skiing up Grouse & the RV show

Back at the campsite now - after a couple of busy days. Yesterday got up early and drove into Vancouver. Parked up near the Walmart (note that I don't say 'in' - they've put up signs saying 4 hours max parking AND no overnight parking - the horrors! - so that's cramped our style - it was our favourite spot when travelling into Vancouver). Within 1/2 hour of parking up we were up on Grouse Mountain and on the slopes. The weather was gorgeous and we had fabulous views of the whole city - and of the slopes (a bit of a change from last time we went!) The place takes on a whole new perspective when you can actually see where your're going! There's about 25 runs and 2 express lifts. For us it's great - plenty to keep us busy and forever practicing our techniques. Sometime mid afternoon the weather did deteriorate and our last few runs were getting quite foggy and snow-storm like, we left the slopes about 4pm.

Drove back to Chilliwack and met up with some friends in 'The Vault' pub for the evening - great pizza, martinis and a very expensive brick wall apparently from Al Capone's house(?!) Stayed the night where we'd parked - we weren't driving anywhere!

Today we did some chores - bought our bus tickets for Monday to get to the airport and did some last minute shopping. Headed down the highway to Abbotsford and the RV show going on at the Tradex exhhibtion centre. After several hours of milling around and up and down steps into numerous RV's, 5th wheels, travel trailers and truck campers we have just reminded ourselves how darn lucky we are. HARVEY IS THE GREATEST! Of all the interior layouts we saw I have to say I just love the layout we have, the features we have, the furnishings we have. Granted it's all a little worn, but RV interior design doesn't seem to date that much so it certianly isn't old fashioned. We looked inside a $600,000 rig - puh - they can keep it! We both agreed if we had that kind of money we'd rather design our own - and in fact if it wasn't for the old chassis design on this we'd just as soon have Harvey refitted and refurnished!

Torrential rain and howling winds whipped up back along the highway to Cultus lake and another cosy night back at 'home'.

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