Friday, December 23, 2005

Xmas Shopping & Eating in Vancouver

We spent the last 2 days in Vancouver and slept on the side of the road outside Wal-Mart’s car-park. We couldn’t get in coz of all the real Wal-Mart shoppers, damn their eyes!

We minced around the shops with no real aim other than to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the city. So often when you’re out and about just before Christmas it seems to be rushing around trying to get inspired to buy presents; not this year though, it was really quite enjoyable. We now know our way round Vancouver a bit better too.

We found the best Italian pasta restaurant; the second portion of which we ate last night at gone 11 after we got back and set up house. We were looking for somewhere inspiring to eat, both of us fancying some sort of Korean style place as every other food outlet was Korean or Japanese. Trouble was they were either very school dining hall like and very busy, (obviously popular being full of locals but no atmosphere) or nice and cosy looking but completely dead. We were just about to turn round and go back down the St, (Robson St) to pick the best one when we spied the Italian – both busy and cosy, so that did it for us and turned out to be the best choice in a long time, so much so that next time we’re there I’d be boring enough to want to go back.

Before eating we’d been to Stanley Park to look at the Christmas light display – very Christmassy and childlike!On the way back last night we ended up stuck in the most horrendous traffic jam, I could almost see the fuel needle dropping as we sat there for what seemed like hours. Not much fun for the locals trying to get away for Christmas after working all week in the city! Hah, no sympathy, shouldn’t be working!

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