Friday, December 02, 2005

Seattle Bike Show

We drove into Seattle to find somewhere to park for the bike show and we found a big parking area right next to the arena, the price said $9 so I thought ok, perhaps we’ll get stung a little more? Yeah right – $80 to use 2 car spaces! So we went cruising the streets, (cruising in a 36ft RV with a bike hangin’ off the back end???) for a hidden spot!!! We found on-street parking yards from the arena and after chatting to the parking Nazi found that we could get away with paying for 2 slots until 6pm when they became free! So we paid a grand total of…6, yes 6 bucks for the evening!

The show was “Ok” for America – they could learn so much from the UK way of doing bike shows! There was a top stunt show though – 2 kids(?) probably brought up on “grand theft auto” and joy riding, on mopeds and small dirt bikes hooning around on ramps and stuff. I thought it was gonna be a bit lame at first as it was all small, but when one of them did 360 back loops in the air off a 6ft high ramp – I was impressed! And no-one shot each other!

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