Thursday, December 01, 2005

On our way into Canada...or maybe not!

We’re heading off to Canada to hibernate the winter away as everywhere of any interest in the northern states seems to close down for the winter. So there we were heading up the I5 toward Canada doing our last bits of cheap shopping along the way when we happen along a bike shop; Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki all under one roof – I had to stop! I bought a DVD and the guy at the counter asked if I wanted discount tickets to the bike show in Seattle. My first though was no, we won’t be in the country but I asked when it was. Turns out it starts tomorrow so we’re now heading back down the I5 (again) to Seattle (again) so I can ogle at what I can’t buy!
So really today was an early start as we had lots to do on the way out of the states but none of it mattered in the end, we should get to Cultus Lake on Saturday now with nothing to do on the way but drive and get there early, should…

That is if the snow doesn’t get any worse and we get stranded – it was hoofing it down today which kinda looked nice but would have been better had we been parked up at a camp site and not on the highway!

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