Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cedar Point ROCKS!!

Cedar Point - America's Roller Coast. Busy, busy day yesterday. My neck, shoulders and back are completely shot to pieces after being vibrated loose on 'The Mean Strek' - a 1.5 mile wooden roller coaster - just don't do it. They stopped making wooden coasters and went to snazzy modern things for a very good reason - a smooth ride. Such an awesome day. It was open from noon till midnight - we never imagined we'd be there that long but we squeezed out the whole time, and people were still in line for rides at midnight so we could've stayed longer - we were just too pooped by then. This is a roller coaster park to beat all others. We didn't do some of the coasters - simply ran out of time. We queued for 1.5 hours for one ride - The Maverick - it was voted the best new ride of 2007 and it was worth the wait - instead of the first gradual incline to build speed like you normally get it fired you out of the station at 30mph! and then it just got better - a 95 degree drop - yes thats beyond vertical!!! SO COOL! Loved it. Now just need to rest and work this crick out of my neck...

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