Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wisconsin State Parks are the best!!

We've been in the state of Wisconsin for the last 2 weeks with most nights spent in the outstanding state parks. All the states have them and they're places we seek out and stay in - generally they are well maintained, state managed protected lands - normally for specific reasons such as protection of wildlife habitats or areas of ecological interest etc. Wisconsin has really excelled itself as far as its state parks - all just lovely. We've had sand dunes, forests, great lakes, little lakes, rivers, lighthouses and beaches - lots of managed cycle trails and plenty of hiking, plus really good facilities and great campsites for around $15-20 a night. Every night we're surrounded by the woods and smells of campfires and grilled food, lots of pretty little lights strung from campers, tents, RV's and trees and sounds of happy people enjoying themselves. It's not that we don't get a lot of that everywhere we go but for some reason Wisconsin state parks really hit a chord with us and we've just so enjoyed it here. The only consolation in having to leave one park is that we knew that the next one we were heading for was going to be as great - and they all have been!

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