Friday, August 10, 2007

No plans

So it's all gone quiet. Always sad to say goodbye to visitors - even if it does mean we can use our table and chairs again! It was great! Today it's been back to admin. We're sat in a Camping World carpark now having our fridge tested after an on-going problem. Luckily we've been hooked up so we've been doing the usual spring clean and tidy up - we also have been eating like pigs since we can't use the fridge and we have heaps of food leftover from feeding the 5000!! Chris picked up his laptop after sending it off for repairs, we got mail delivered today and we also picked up Donkey after being without him for the last 2 weeks while he was in the garage getting new wheels fitted - and this time they're a snazzy new black colour so he looks quite different with his mini make-over!

And for the first time I can remember we have NO PLANS. I mean NONE. We just don't know where we're heading next. I mean other than Wisconsin, and even there we don't know specifics. Feels weird to me - I normally plan. Might hand over the reigns to Chris and let him take charge - winging it is much more his thing!

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