Monday, May 21, 2007

Back in the USA!!

Well they had to let us back in didn't they? - after all we're good for the economy!! Since being back we've been busy choring away and shopping and you probably don't need a day-by-day detail on all that!

We've been into San Diego a couple of times. Yesteday we toured the USS Midway down on the waterfront. It's a HUGE aircraft carrier (1001 feet long) that was the longest serving aircraft carrier in the US fleet. It served in the 1st Gulf War and was de-commisioned in '92. Had a great audio tour round the thing and it was even more interesting than I expected (we've done a few of these old military boat things and to be honest I had a bit of a 'seen-one-seen-em-all' opinion but this was good) - we were on board for 3 hours if that's any kind of testimony!

Also strolled around the historic Gaslamp district and had our first good Indian curry in quite a while. In a 1 block area we saw about 5 curry houses so we figured it might be a good bet - and it paid off! We actually had a buffet so all the old favourites, great naan bread, tikka masala etc. Only thing is the restaurant was WAY too stylish! Not like the curry houses in the UK. No moving pictures on the wall, no dodgey music, no stained table-cloths and no poppodoms! But really all that aside it was money well spent!

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