Friday, May 11, 2007

2 weeks have passed...

And after a rigorous regime of regular exfoliation and expensive body lotions the leathery-ness of my backside is beginning to soften!! I'm feeling like a new woman and Chris says he is too....!!

Haven't done all that much....We did get back to Baja in time to celebrate Chris's birthday with friends at the RV park and generally hung out there for a week. Chris get sick with migraine for a few days so I played Nurse Mills rather well actually even if I do say so myself!!

Baja isn't quite the same second time around. With one road extending the length of the peninsula there's no real options for alternative routes and we travelled slowly on the way down seeing everything there was to see so there's not really anything 'left' to do this time. The season here has quietened down dramatically - most campgrounds we've stayed in on the way north have been empty apart from us! So we stopped at Playa Santispac again (The place we hung out for Xmas) We had no trouble re-establishing ourselves at exactly the same palapa, only this time we had a daddy-O Guatemalan double hammock to hang up - OH YES!! And weren't we just the snooziest-in-the-sun!!

Now we're just 150 miles from the border 'waiting' till Monday to cross over. Fingers crossed...

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Anonymous said...

good to hear you are well!

will we see you guys in Western Canada this summer?