Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Madness and mayhem

Totally maxed out the last week or so! Last Friday Mum, Dad Chris and I all checked in for a week at the Marriott Shadow Ridge in Palm Desert (a timeshare exchange arranged by M&D). That same evening my Uncle Andy and 3 cousins flew in from London and also joined us - hence the hectic last 5 days. I'm now sat here in (comparitive!) blissful silence, and, due to the layout of the ,Chris and I finally get our own bedroom (rather than the sofabed!) for the last 2 nights of the stay here - Hooray!!

So a completely busy 5 days. Mostly involving long breakfasts, swims at the pool, long lunches, playing 'it' outside the apartment dangerously close to the beautifully manicured golf course (hey - it's grass - its fair game for running all over - no?!) etc.

Sunday night/Monday Chris and I were daft enough to volunteer to take all 3 kids away camping for the night in the RV. Didn't go far - just a couple of junctions down the interstate in fact, but long enough to for them all 'to ride in Harvey sat on the sofa!'). Had an outdoor BBQ, went swimming in the morning and then all went to the Living Desert in Palm Desert. A zoo basically, saw lots of cool desert animals - giraffes, gazelle, meerkats, Oryx and A MOUNTAIN LION!! This is probably the only time Chris and I will ever see one - it's the only BIG wild animal in north america I can think of that we haven't seen in the wild! Still I think it all went pretty well - everyone arrived back to the apartment in one piece ready for responsibility to be promptly handed back over to Andy! - phew!

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