Friday, November 17, 2006

The last week

It may seem we haven't been busy in terms of things we've done and places we've been but it seems to us we've been dashing around like headless chickens. We now have just 3 days left till our US visas run out and we head south of the border into Mexico. Are looking forward to it with excitement and maybe a little apprehension - mainly just the unknowns. Have been out getting some minor work done on the RV in preparation and stocking up on supplies (probably buying lots of stuff we don't need to be - stuff that will be available in Mexico and probably for half the price than over here! but still - we're well stocked!)

Spending the last couple of nights in a lovely campground on the outskirts of San Diego. Sadly not sure we'll have time to spend in the city itself - a shame coz we hear such good things about it.

Not sure what internet access will be like in Baja - only time will tell. But for now we're assuming that we won't be online often to send emails and update this blog - we'll do what we can!

Hasta la vista baby!

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