Saturday, October 07, 2006

More Lake Tahoe

It's great to have Chris back!! (No more driving hills for me for a while - think I've done my fair share!!) Have had a wonderful couple of days relaxing at Lake Tahoe. What a beautiful place. And it's so autumnal!! (although on the downside it does also mean it's quite chilly - and to think less than a week ago I was on meltdown in Death Valley!).

Today we rode the 72 miles round the lake on the bike. I have a lovely new comfy seat which Chris brought back from New Mexico with him - so it was just great! Stopped for lunch at a great little cafe, and numerous other times at scenic viewpoints taking photos and admiring the views. A local small town was having it's Oktoberfest celebrations so we stopped for a while to wander round the craft stalls, listen to some awful German-style music, smell the bratwurst and consider the beers....

Had a great campfire tonight - was mad for it - so much so we paid $9 for a bundle of firewood - yes you really did read $9 - NINE dollars for a few logs of wood! Still worth it. Such a great end to a lovely, lovely day at the lake.

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