Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lake Tahoe

Having left Death Valley I drove north. About 200 miles on Sunday, then another 140 Monday to get to Reno, NV. Nice enough place - it's got shops and lots of people and being by myself that's nice to be around! And shop I did (serves my husband right for 'abandoning me for 10 days!!).

Now staying on the shores of Lake Tahoe. Gorgeous place. And it's autumn!! (we've been in such hot places lately I hadn't seen the signs of autumn until I was driving here) It's great - smells great! Woodsmoke, dampness, falling leaves - FAB! Season here is definately well and truly over. Lots of places are shut - including campgrounds and tourist atrractions in the state parks etc. Spent last night in a great park that was open - went for a walk down to the lake this morning - all a bit spooky though walking through the woods - it's bear country again and I'm just not used to hiking alone - I don't make enough noise with no-one to talk to! (had to whistle and clap lots - got a couple of really weird looks from a couple of fellow hikers!)

Now back in a small lakeshore town, will stay here tonight and hopefully tomorrow Chris will come back!! Can't wait :-)

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