Friday, March 31, 2006

Wilderness camping

Are back in Victoria now but have spent the last 3 nights on the southern coast of the island. Pretty wilderness - with very few people about at this time of year. Done some hiking along the coastal trail and have enjoyed quiet nights sat out by the campfire and having BBQs. Went up to Port Renfrew which is where the road runs out and the dodgey logging tracks start. Have had gorgeous weather too so have been crusing around on the bike - (that's the jinxed bike I'm sure of it - in Port Renfrew whilst eating our lunch we were interupted by some woman to say she'd just reversed her car into it in the carpark and knocked it over! It's obviously not destined to be scratch-free and shiney!) Fair play - she came and found us to tell us (I'm sure in England they would've done a runner)

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Chris Hollis said...

Hi Guys
Great to see you in the UK!
I'll be reading your adventures now I know where to find you! (Other than Wal-Mart!)

Take it easy
(As if there's any other way!)

Chris H