Monday, March 27, 2006


Got to the capital of British Columbia a couple of days ago. It's an 'olde world Victorian town' apparently. Not quite what we thought - maybe we just take brick built building for granted?! It is very attractive - the Empress Hotel and the Parliment buildings are really impressive. Lovely weather and we've got an awesome campsite overlooking the harbour - very nice!

Yesterday we took the harbour ferry from the campsite into the downtown area. Strolled the streets. Watched street performers and wound up walking the harbour trail for 3km from downtown and ultimately back to the campsite. En route is a fabulous brewpub and restaurant called 'Spinnakers' Dozens of beers to choose from so Chris was happy and their daily special was double Caesers so I was happy! Staggered home the rest of the way...

This morning we walked back into town for the day. Fish n' Chips on the harbour, watched harbour seals jumping up to be hand fed fish! Went to the National Geographic IMAX theatre for 'Adventures in Wild California' - some cool sky-surfing footage, surfing and snowboarding and some very cute footage of sea otters (ok so it didn't really fit in with the 'theme' of the rest of it!). The harbour is really busy - it's recognised as an 'airport' with control tower and everything and there's up to 100 float planes taking off/landing each day! Walked back via Spinnakers again!

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