Friday, October 03, 2008

So it's not all work

We might be job-hunting but we have to remind ourselves that we are in the Okanagan - this might have to be the prettiest part of BC though there's plenty of contenders - no wonder we want to live here! This week took advantage of the fantastic fall weather and took a ride out with Tony. 220 miles in the day with a plesant stop for lunch on a lakeside. There's a book on the biking roads of BC - Destination Highways and we rode the number 7 rated road (based on twistiness, engineering, remoteness, scenery, road surface etc). It was a lovely trip - I just loved the colours, the leaves are really starting to turn here.
These are the sort of views you get in the rear view mirror (yes that's Chris in the background - I'm not daft to risk my camera as we're actually riding!)

Chris - making friends. In this case it appears to be Sasquatch(...Or this from a couple of days ago. Making friends AND influencing people! And in case you weren't sure - yes that is a RCMP uniform. Put it this way she wasn't writing down her phone number for him!)

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Anna said...

love the statue and chris.... I always look for goofy stuff to add to shots (we have the same since of humor) :)