Friday, June 27, 2008

My CKU Evolution Album

Yesterday I finally finished off my 'Evolution' album that I starting working on at CKU. I am SOOO happy with the results. Love it. The album was designed in 3 parts. Since it was all about me I broke it down into my childhood, school & Uni years and adulthood (when I get there!!).

Each part is essentially the same; a front cover with pocket for journalling on the left, a transparency page with section title and photos on either side, a page with 6 circles with mini photos or embellishments, the backside of that with 6 square photos, and a closing full page photo of that era (love that picture of me and my brother as superheros!!). I added a couple of extra pages along the way to be able to include more photos!

I so enjoyed this project (designed by Life Artist - Ali Edwards). I loved the excuse to dig out all these old photos and scan them in - it now means I have a whole stack of old photos on my laptop and they come round periodically on my beloved screen saver slideshow. Love that.

To see the whole album visit my scrapbook gallery HERE


chrisbackhouse said...

Fab job on your hard work Honey; I'm proud of you! xxx

M & D said...

Can't wait to see the real thing - it looks brilliant! Well done!!

Anna said...

truly awesome album helen :) YOU take AWESOME pics!! I love all the canyon and desert shots - keep me posted on when you scrap those layouts :) I appreciate the rock pictures..... WE have tons at our house - My husband is a geologist :) i always tease him and call him my rock star and of course I'm the groupie..... Sorry I'm lagging on your resuable bag - I just got the pattern figured out today..... any favorite colours?