Monday, November 12, 2007

One day to go!

Time is counting down. This time in 24 hours we'll be on a plane back across the Atlantic. For our last few days we've based ourselves in Conroe, TX - about 35 miles north of Houston. Great place, great campsite and a perfect place to prepare for home, prep the RV for 5 months of winter storage and pack. Looking forward to seeing our family and really excited about 'going home for Christmas'.

The trip is on hold now for 5 months. This is not the end. We have return tickets booked for mid-April!!

'Old Baldy' - seen in Hill Country, TX - Yes YOU Backhouse!!!

Whilst in Austin we also caught up with Marty and Tom - a couple we'd met when visiting the Four Corners Monument (in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah - take your pick!!). Finally after all our plan changes this year we visited their home and had dinner with them - also in Austin, TX! Great to see you both!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Helen,
I have been meaning to look you up for ages and see what u guys have been up to. Didn't realise you were still away after all this time. Although by now, you may well be back in the UK.
What you are doing in absolutely amazing......incredible!
(And that salt lick restaurant you were on about, I have been there! Don't recall eating all that much, seen as tho I'm veggo!)
Hope all is well with you anyway!
Kaz xoxo
(if you wanna reply