Wednesday, April 04, 2007

5 Years, 5 countries!!

We celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary today in Guatemala. (So far each anniversary has been spent in a different country - Cyprus, Spain, USA & Canada and now Gautelmala!!)

We've been staying the last 4 nights in 'Finca Ixobel' which is 65 miles south of Flores. It's a beautiful ranch set in the countryside, with hiking, horse riding and lots of good food. It's been a relaxing 4 days.

Tomorrow we move on south. Although we aren't exactly sure where yet - it's Semana Santa (Easter) this week - probably the biggest holiday week of the year for the Guatemalans and everywhere is very busy. We'll see what happens...!

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Anonymous said...

5 years already, glad to hear you are both well
Take care