Saturday, March 17, 2007

Swimming with Sharks!

Yesterday we swam with sharks!! Never thought I'd hear myself say that, but it's not as scary as it sounds. These were nurse sharks so not exactly prone to human attacks for a start! We saw dozens of them, and they were quite content with us swimming amongst them. The largest we saw were probably about 8 feet long, most were smaller. This was all on our dive today from Caye Caulker. Went to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve which is located on the barrier reef. The reef here is the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world, 2nd only to the Great Barrier reef off Australia. As well as the sharks we saw barracuda, green moray eel (who are unbeliveably ugly buggers!), lots of angelfish, a two eyed buttlerflyfish and dozens more I couldn't begin to identify (but I'm already learning - eh?!) Dived down to 70 feet in amongst fingers of coral. There were these huge 'banks' of coral with sandy 'paths' in between them - it felt like we were on a trail! Great, great stuff - I'm loving this diving thing!

Today we did a snorkel trip out to the reef. It's so shallow on the crest there's little point in diving that particular area. We were stood in waist deep water about 1.4km off shore. We went to a shark/ray neighbourhood. More nurse sharks and this time we were swimming around with sting-rays! (Yes those ones that Steve Urwin played around with!).

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