Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Penn & Teller

We decided that since we're in the show capital of the country we should at least make some effort to see a show or 2. Got tickets this morning to see Penn & Teller - the magician duo. Have seen a couple of their TV shows and they're so funny. Held at the Rio Casino & Hotel we got there early and ate at the World Festival Buffet. $24 All-you-can eat. It was HUGE! We were slightly pushed for time which was such a shame - next time we aim to get there early and eat at a more relaxed pace!!

The live show was great, a few tricks we'd seen before but just very funny - stand-up style (by Penn of course, Teller doesn't talk!). Got my picture taken with Penn after the show!!!

Did we mention what a great campground we're staying in. We just started chuckling when we drove up the several hundred yard driveway which was lined with fairylight-clad palm trees. There's a fountain outside the reception area and the whole clubhouse/store is glass and marble - this is unlike any other RV park we've stayed in - but then it's Vegas!! It is JUST a campsite for goodness sake!!!! Gorgeous pool & spa area - and since schools are back there's not many people about - we had 1 pool just to ourselves for the afternoon!!

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