Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rocky Mtn National Park

Well time has flown by this last week. It was a week ago already since we picked Pat up at Denver International airport amidst HIGH security. In fact so much so that in the 45 minutes in took for me to run into the terminal and wait for her to come through customs Chris spent the whole time sat outside in the unloading zone in the RV without seeing a single person, getting hassled, getting moved on...never mind planting a bomb he'd have had time to build one!! Still it suited us - we'd already caused a commotion when we tried driving into the arrivals area that only had a 9ft 6" clearance. Not ideal if we wanted to hold onto our new roof paint job and the much needed aircon units!

Spent a couple of days in a State park right in the Denver metro area. Great place called Cherry Creek and gave Pat a chance to acclimatise since Denver is at 5500 feet and we were only planning on going higher in the coming 2 weeks, plus it was HOT (although I hear that 90-100 degrees is no big deal even for England of late!)

Now we are in Rocky Mountain National Park. A cooler 7500 feet, and giving Pat a whole 4 days to acclimatise we beasted her on a 3.5 hike up to just over 10,000 feet! Luckily the views were worth it! No peace for the wicked or our guests we've just done another 4 hour hike today. It's a greta place - rather predictable weather it seems - the storm clouds come in about 1-2pm and you have to watch out for lightening on higher ground. Still it's now 7pm and a beautiful evening - Chris better have that BBQ underway.......

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